Forever Young with Valmont

Forever Young with Valmont

April is my birthday month and for those of you who know me – know I love to treat myself on my birthday. This year however something different happened. My Peter Pan syndrome kicked in, and I wanted to stay young forever.  I decided the only pixie dust that would remedy my syndrome was a new skin care regimen. It was an epic quest as I researched the various companies, ingredients, and of course reputation.

My epic quest led me to Valmont. I discovered Valmont at the Viceroy Hotel Spa in Brickell. I booked a facial and was treated to a luxurious remedy for my dry skin using the Valmont products. I instantly fell in love and after I researched the company I realized their advanced technology utilizing HP DNA, glacial spring water, and native collagen that these products would be my Tinkerbell to the fountain of youth. Don’t worry I’m done with the references 😉

The Hydration Line is perfect for most skin types and offers a step-by-step ritual to keep skin looking its best. The collection provides a daily luxury for your skin. One of the first steps in the regimen is a Face Scrub. It’s important to scrub all of the dead skin cells before applying the rest of the products. This allows for better penetration of the products on the skin. The texture of the scrub is creamy and gentle.


 After cleansing, I use the Primer with Hydration Fluid and spritz it all over my face and neck. I’ve never used a primer before and actually love this product. The fluid gently covers your skin and feels like a silk veil is landing on your face.  The best part about this is you can use it to set your makeup for a nice dewy finish.  One of the best weapons is this tiny little bottle filled with a Moisturizing Booster . This is a true concentrate is hyaluronic acid which provides maximum hydration. If they made it large enough to spread all over the body I totally would. The serum spreads evenly and makes it the perfect base for your moisturizer. I use this one at night and focus on my eye area and forehead.  

My favorite part is applying the moisturizer. See how happy I am! During the day time I’ll use Moisturizing with a Cream by itself.  The cream has a triple DNA formula the corrects problems of severe dehydration. At night however, I will pile on the products and use the cream with the Moisturizing Booster or will use the Moisturizing with a Mask. Twice a day I use the Prime Contour around my eyes and lips.
 My favorite product hands down is the Moisturizing with a Mask. This is an intense treatment for dehydrated skin with shea butter and rosa moschata. After 15 minutes it rejuvenates thirsty skin like mine. I’m probably the only person with extremely dry skin in Miami’s humidity, but what can I say – I’m a lucky gal. This mask offers immediate rescue to tired skin and it’s perfect for anyone who is a jetsetter on work trips. It’s also perfect as a daily intense treatment should you decide to take a ski or beach trip.



Cleansing with a Gel  // Primer with Hydration Fluid  // Purifying Mask //  Face Scrub // Moisturizing with a Cream // Moisturizing Booster // Moisturizing with a Mask // Prime Contour

Since I started using Valmont my skin feels plumpy and dewy. In just a few short weeks I started noticing the difference in my skin especially around my eye area. Staring a a computer all day can make your eyes tired and dry but the Prime Contour remedies a long day at the office. Do you have any beauty tips you suggest ? Let’s stay young forever together 🙂

Special thanks to Valmont for the products featured in this post.



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