The Best Black Bean Burger in Miami

Look, I am a carnivore – I love to eat burgers, and steaks, and really don’t limit my dietary regimen to anything specific. Well, eggs and chicken freak me out a little, but regardless my diet reads like this: I see it. It looks tasty. I eat it. I complain about how fat I feel after I eat it. Repeat.

This was the case when Yogi Betch and I took our staycation lunch to Kush Wynwood. We wanted to be “healthy” and something about Frank’s Black Bean Burger turned me on. Just reading about it – aroused me more than 50 Shades of Grey (terrible book btw), so I decided I would take Frank for a spin and see what this dish was all about.

The black bean and mushroom patty is served on a dense challah bun, topped with jack cheese, sour cream, homemade guacamole. You had me at guacamole, really. The burger is topped with tangy dry slaw, tomato and red onion. I ordered sweet potato fries, because they are “healthier” duh, and asked for a side of honey for my fries. 3 (1)

Yogi Betch ordered the Grilled Cheese con Sopa de Tomate. It was a good choice because I too wanted to try this! I totally helped myself to her food btw. This is what happens when you dine with me.  The pressed sandwich is made with melted Gruyère cheese and topped with a thin sliced tomato on toasted rye bread.  The homemade tomato soup was perfection for dipping.

Go meet Frank at Kush. And order a brewski while you are at it.
2003 North Miami Avenue
Wynwood, FL 33127

Kushy Kisses,


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