Pretty Spring Nails

April showers bring May flowers, but your spring nails don’t have to wait to sport pretty floral hues! I started doing my own mani and pedis last year because I freaked out when I read about staph infections from nail salons. It’s pretty scary stuff and since I like to err on the side of caution – I figured I’d save my fingers and a few bucks. And really, after a few You Tube tutorials, I realized it wasn’t too tough. Bonus: I get to shop for pretty nail colors everywhere I go.

Currently, I’m obsessing over the Color Show nail polishes by Maybelline and the reasons are pretty simple. The polishes are rich and the color sticks. It dries pretty quickly with a shiny finish and there is no need for a top coat. I also love the price point. You can snag these great colors for under $5! Here are the two I picked up for Spring.

Purple for Day Play


Lust for Lilac

Soft Pink for Nightspink

Pink Embrace

These colors of course can be rocked year-round in Miami, but it’s always fun to shop new colors each season. And for the boys reading my blog I highly suggest nail grooming. Check out this article from the Well Groomed Fellow for tips!

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