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Designing an Accent Piece for My Apartment

My most recent champagne problem is that I wanted to redesign my apartment. There’s nothing particularly wrong with the current design. I’m simply tired of the color scheme – it’s black and white like everything else in my life. It also feels bland especially for Miami where color dominates everything in…


My Top Picks for Healthy Restaurants in Miami

January is quickly approaching an end and it’s also the pivotal time of the year when most people break their resolutions (i.e sober January and Miami marathon training). But not us! We are fortunate to have healthy Miami restaurants and cafes popping up all around town offering a wide range of flavors…


Things We Are Diggin’ about Miami in November

In Miami, we are not typically known for a high-stress lifestyle – we do live in paradise after-all! But with the holiday demands around the corner, most of us know that November will take us out of our element. This month there are a few things we are diggin’ at Brickellista…


The Top Mexican Style Brunch + Lunch Spots in Miami

Nursing a champagne hangover with delicious Mexican food has been a tradition since the Mayans invented their calendar, so clearly a hearty Mexican brunch is the only way to nurse weekend warriors back to health. Each weekend I try to find a few new spots to bring my friends and I back to life. My epic…


A Reason to Miss Your Flight!

This week’s soiree wasn’t just a regular party. It was the welcome party for the newest arrival to Miami – the Centurion Lounge at the Miami International Airport! When I received the invite I was stoked because in my prior career, I was in and out of airport lounges… even missed a…


Take that, Beach!

British Airways’ digital magazine, The Club, reached out to me this month looking for some fashion advice for their June 2015 issue. They wanted a compilation of my favorite local designers for ready to wear beachwear. Since I reside in sunny Miami, Summer is about 350 days a year –…