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Alas, Brickell City Centre Opens!

Most of you know, I’m extremely tidy and some might say OCD – a badge I wear with pride! But last week, thanks to the opening of Brickell City Centre, it looked like a tornado zipped through mi apartmento. I freaked because couldn’t find my cute pump that I wanted to wear to…


The Top 5 Spa Retreats in Miami – Brickell & Downtown

August is the most brutally steamy month of the year in Miami. It blatantly sucks but it’s MY favorite month because I can be fat and relaxed. Let me explain, August is the month where Miami Spa Month and Miami Spice come together to create a vortex of complete bliss. Naturally, I…


Beat the Summer Cold with a Cold Pressed Raw Detox

There is a phenomena in Miami where most habitants are doomed with a Summer flu. You walk into work and it seems like everyone is coughing and sneezing. Germs everywhere! Ack. Suddenly, it bombards you like a promoter on South Beach, and you can’t fathom leaving the house for any occasion.…


Welcome to Brickell, EAST Miami!

Brickell just became a whole lot sexier this weekend. The opening of the new EAST Miami hotel located in the heart of Brickell elevated our simple financial district to a dapper gentleman overnight. Located within Brickell City Centre, Swire Properties Inc.’s $1.05 billion mixed-use development, EAST brings a lot of luxury…


The Top Taco + Margarita Spots in Miami

Cinco de Mayo is mañana and for those of you who don’t know what this day celebrates – don’t worry because 90% of Mexicans are also in the dark! What really matters is that Cinco is a national holiday in ‘Merica. In honor of our neighboring country, we should fiesta on this victorious…


Quick and Easy Office Snacks for your Work Day

It’s 4 o’clock at work. You start slouching. You get shifty in your seat. You just read a sentence and realized you zoned out for a full four minutes staring at the word “deliverable.” It is, invariably, SNACKS O’CLOCK. My worst fear is that you zombie walk to the office…